The Edinburgh Fire Place is situated within Holyrood Architectural Salvage which was born in the mid-nineties and focused originally on roll top baths.  Fireplaces now dominate the showroom but architectural antiques such as doors, cast column radiators, door knobs etc are still in abundance.

We are Edinburgh's salvage hunters but travel extensively throughout Scotland picking up Victorian and Georgian mantels and inserts from Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee, St Andrews and pretty much anywhere else we can find them.  Our collection includes marble, stone, pine and gesso, slate, oak, pine, pitch pine and cast iron antique mantels.  Inserts are mostly arched and tiled from Georgian and Victorian periods but we do also carry hob grates, fire baskets and modern stoves which meet current legislation standards.

You won't be dissapointed with a day out to our salvage yard whether you are searching for a door, radiator, escutcheon, pew. chandelier, sconce, pulpit, stained glass, door furniture, garden bench, garden statuary, mirror, old picture, table, chairs, fireplace or whatever!

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