Norvik 5kw

norvik_js (1).jpg
norvik_js (1).jpg

Norvik 5kw


The Norvik 5 is an attractive cast-iron stove which punches well above its weight with an 80% efficiency producing an A+ rating on the energy efficiency index. Models from 2017 have a vermiculite brick interior replacing the less efficient cast-iron brick interior of the pre-2017 models.

  • Multi-fuel grate for wood burning or smokeless fuels

  • Primary air burn (control on door)

  • Airwash secondary burn (lever above door)

  • Tertiary air inlets improve efficiency

  • Door handle adjustment

  • Inbuilt flue test point

  • Eco-design ready

  • DEFRA smoke control exempt

  • 10 year conditional warranty

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