Burley Springdale Stove 3kw

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Burley Springdale 3kw.jpg

Burley Springdale Stove 3kw


The Burley Springdale 9103 wood burning stove is one of the most efficient wood burning stoves in the world with an efficiency rating of 88.9% and heat output of up to 3kW. The Burley series of stoves are wood burning only this includes logs, sawdust, briquettes and pellets.

The wide glass viewing area maximises radiated heat and the hot convected air from top exchanger is fitted to help recover lost heat. The Springdale log burning stove has the option to add a 170mm extended base, this is the perfect accompaniment for stand alone installations where height needs to be emphasised. The base also doubles as an area for storing logs.

DEFRA approved

Height – 495 mm

Width – 370 mm

Depth – 296 mm

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